Why a Chakra Doll?

FIRST OF ALL, many THANKS to all of you who have ordered dolls! It’s such a thrill to send out a doll and imagine a child holding and loving their very own Ragananda. I know that Ragananda loves it too.

So, over the years people have asked me, “Why a chakra doll?” Here’s what has come to me as I notice the new amazing children being born on our little planet. We know that new babies see colors and mysterious things that we often aren’t able to see; colors in auras and perhaps devas and angels that are hovering around protecting them. Their first weeks are so precious as they get used to a new, denser body.

A Ragananda doll is like a bridge, between the world of colors and angelic spirits and the world of humans and furniture and food. The baby sees colors in the human auras and it sees colors on the doll. I believe it helps them to retain that sensitive vision to have a soft physical object that correlates with their etheric vision of humans. I wonder if anyone else has had this sort of insight? Have you found other ways to support your newborn’s link to the gentler place that they’ve just come from?

And why would we want them to remain sensitive? Here’s my theory. I believe that we are in a time of great transition. I believe that some of the new children who are coming to our planet are bringing with them a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. Some of the children are exhibiting unusual degrees of clairvoyance. I trust that they have come at this time to assist humanity in making an upward shift in consciousness.

Ragananda touched me 33 years ago and did exactly that for me. I offer what I’ve been given through these years with the hope that it can simply support children and young parents in BEING that shift. Together we can support each other to vision a happy healthy world.

The first Ragananda doll

Above, you’ll see a picture of the first Ragananda doll, the one with yellow braids. There’s also my own ragged Raggedy Ann doll, a little doll that I made when I was nine, and Ragananda as she is right now, with her rainbow hair.

The sock monkey family was made for me by my mother, Amelia, decades ago. They love witnessing the activities in my studio as Ragananda unfolds her magical world.

See you next post! Until then… Breathe in and Remember, Breathe out Together, and SMILE! Gabrielle

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  1. Mary says:

    Oh Gabrielle – I just read “Why a Chakra Doll?” How wonderful!

    I am cruising the website because we are going to be sending Ragananda to Alma for her first birthday. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment.

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